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Website Mission Statement

IT ComputersThe mission of, the City of Mountain View's website, is to use the Internet to connect Mountain View residents and others interested in the City of Mountain View with timely information on City services, City government activities and City programs and events.

The purpose of these policies is to ensure that the City of Mountain View website does not become public forum or limited public forum, but rather is maintained for the exclusive use of the City of Mountain View for communicating matters of general public interest via the Internet.

Legal Notice Regarding the City of Mountain View Website

The City of Mountain View's website and web servers are maintained for the exclusive use of the City of Mountain View in communicating matters of general public interest via the Internet. While the City attempts to keep accurate and timely, the City neither warrants nor makes any representations or endorsements as to the accuracy, quality, content or completeness of the information, text, images, graphics, hyperlinks and other items contained on its web servers. Web content is subject to change without notice from the City as a result of updates and corrections.

Hyperlinks on may lead to resources located on other servers. The presence of these hyperlinks should not be construed as an endorsement of these sites or their content. The City of Mountain View is not responsible for the content of any such external website.

Commercial use of materials, content and information is explicitly prohibited without the written permission of the City. All branding and trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

The City of Mountain View retains copyright on all text, graphic images and other content, unless otherwise noted. You may print copies of the information for your own personal use and reference this server from your own documents. In all copies of information retrieved from this site you must retain this notice and any copyright notices included with such information. No person or entity may do any of the following without prior written permission from the City of Mountain View web manager:

  • Modify and/or reuse text, images or other web content from a City web server
  • Distribute the City's web content
  • Mirror the City's information on a non-City server

Communications made via electronic mail (e-mail), including "mail to," links and messaging systems shall in no way be deemed to constitute public comment or legal notice to the City of Mountain View or any of its agencies, officers, employees, agents or representatives, with respect to any existing or potential claim or cause of action regarding the City or any of its agencies, employees, officers or representatives, where notice to the City is required by any Federal, State or local laws, rules or regulation or by any agreement or contract.

Mountain View's website and all materials contained herein are distributed and transmitted "as is" without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation, warranties of title or implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. The City is neither responsible nor liable for any viruses or contaminations of a web visitor's hardware, software, peripherals or property, nor for any delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions resulting from use of or with respect to the material contained on its web servers, including without limitation but not limited to any material posted on or linked to from

The City is not responsible for any special, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that may arise from the use of or the inability to use the site and/or the materials contained on the website whether the materials contained on the website are provided by the City of Mountain View or a third party.

Site Comments

The City of Mountain View appreciates questions, comments and feedback that improves the City's service for website visitors.

Privacy Policy

The City of Mountain View is committed to protecting user privacy on-line. The City does not use persistent reoccurring cookies or share information with other organizations.

As a governmental agency, the City is subject to the California Public Records Act, and any information received through use of the City's site is subject to the same provisions as information provided on paper.

Link Policy

The City site also provides, through links to external sites, information about cultural, educational, recreational, and other programs and activities in Mountain View.

The City's website and all links are subject to control by the City. Except as expressly permitted by the City of Mountain View, no link (explicit or implied) may be created from without the prior written approval of the City of Mountain View. Such approval may be in any written form, including an e-mail correspondence. The City may not grant any approval under this policy that is inconsistent with the City's link policy.

When a user selects a link to a site not controlled by the City of Mountain View, the site will open in a browser window separate from the City's website advising the user that he/she is leaving the Mountain View site, that Mountain View does not endorse any product or entity for which a link may be provided, and that Mountain View is not responsible for the content or availability of these outside resources. The City of Mountain View reviews all requests for links from the City's website to worldwide websites based on the following criteria and conditions:

  • The website link will assist the City of Mountain View in fulfilling its stated website and general missions
  • The website link has a natural affinity or logical nexus to information printed on the City's official website and is consistent with City goals, policies and the mission of the City's website
  • The City has adequate availability of system resources and personnel to monitor the proposed link
  • The requested link has a sufficient relationship and importance to the ordinary and necessary functioning of the City
  • The material contained on the linked site is significant and timely
  • The external web site is managed in a professional manner (i.e., fully operational and available most of the time)

The City of Mountain View does not generally link to:

  • Candidate sites or sites advocating a position on City, political or election issues
  • Commercial or retail sites; however, exceptions may be made to the policy, at the sole discretion of the City, for companies or organizations associated with the City and which promote or support City programs, services, or events
  • Individual personal home pages, non-City newsletters, opinion sites or editorial sites
  • Sites with content written by many different people (e.g., chat rooms, interactive bulletin boards, etc.)
  • Sites that are inappropriate or inconsistent with the City's criteria or which link (i.e., linked from the index of a requesting site's home page) to inappropriate sites (e.g., illegal activities including, but not limited to gambling, graffiti, sites with obscene content such as X-rated descriptions or graphics) or sites which offend common standards of decency and propriety)


All site design, text, graphics, interfaces, and selection and arrangements thereof are copyright 2023 City of Mountain View, California. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, except as otherwise noted. Permission is granted to download information from this site, so long as such information is not used for commercial purposes.


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