Rules and Regulations

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There are a number of area use guidelines, rules and regulations for visitors to follow at Shoreline. Please follow our guidelines to keep Shoreline beautiful and safe for all who wish to visit. If you have concerns please call the Shoreline Main Line at 650-903-6392. If it is outside of normal business hours, please call the ranger line at 650-930-6655.

Shoreline Rules and Regulations (MVCC Chapter 38)

  • Shoreline at Mountain View and the trails within are open daily from 6:30 a.m. to half hour after sunset.
  • All of Shoreline at Mountain View is a sanctuary for wildlife. All feeding, hunting, trapping or killing, wounding, frightening or capturing of any wild birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, or invertebrates is prohibited. (Section 38.18i) 
  • No person shall willfully or negligently pick, dig up, cut, mutilate, destroy, injure, disturb, move, molest, burn, carry away, collect or gather any tree or plant or portion thereof, including, but not limited to, leaf mold, flowers, foliage, berries, fruit, grass, turf, humus, shrubs, cones, ferns, mushrooms, and dead wood. (Section 38.18j)
  • Prohibited: Drones, domesticated animals or barbeques within Shoreline at Mountain View. (Section 38)
  • Prohibited: Occupancy of any park or facility by a group larger than fifty (50) persons without a park permit or facility reservation therefore. (Section 38.9a)
  • Prohibited: Commercial activities in any recreational facility or park, including Shoreline at Mountain View. (Section 38.2)
  • Prohibited: Constructing or erecting any building or structure of whatever kind, whether permanent or temporary in character, or running or stringing any public service utility into, upon or across such lands. (Section 38.9n)
  • Prohibited: The use of electric amplifying equipment in all parks and facilities, including Shoreline at Mountain View. (Section 38.5)
  • Prohibited: Overnight camping within Shoreline at Mountain View. (Section 38.18l)
  • Prohibited: Playing of any ball games or organized sport activity within Shoreline at Mountain View. (Section 38.9v)
  • Prohibited: Swimming or wading in any of the lakes, marshes or streams. (Section 38.9e)
  • Prohibited: Fishing in any bodies of water located at Shoreline at Mountain View. (Section 38.18)
  • Prohibited: Skateboards in Shoreline at Mountain View. (Section 38.18g)
  • Bicycle riders, hikers and joggers shall be limited in the use of all premises to the prepared trails and boardwalks designated for such purposes. (38.18g)
  • Power boats shall be excluded from Shoreline at Mountain View or lakes located therein. The beaching and launching of boats shall be in designated areas only. (Section 38.18a-b)
  • Any gathering considered dangerous or a disturbance of the peace is subject to dismissal or cancellation. (Penal Code, Sections 415 and 416)
  • Beer and wine only are permitted within Shoreline by those legally entitled, except within 100' of all parking lots and roadways located therein. (Section 38.15a)

No Domesticated Animal Policy

Thank you for finding an alternative option to bringing your domesticated animal(s) to Shoreline At Mountain View. While we understand that you enjoy spending time with your pet(s), dogs and other domesticated animals are not allowed within area boundaries.

This rule was established to protect area habitats and to avoid negatively impacting birds and wildlife, as Shoreline has a number of endangered and federally-protected species of special concern. Because both dogs and cats have a natural inclination to hunt, and because they also have the ability to harm and injure another species, the Shoreline policy also serves to prevent against any civil penalties for harming, wounding or killing threatened or endangered species such as the Burrowing Owl, Clapper Rail or Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse. Service dogs under the control of a disabled person are the exception to the rule.

The following are alternatives to walking your dog at Shoreline:

  • The City of Mountain View’s Dog Park is located on North Road just outside the main entrance to Shoreline. The dog park is an area where your dogs can run free and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Dogs are allowed on a leash from El Camino Real north to Crittenden Trailhead on Stevens Creek Trail. Parking is available at the Crittenden Lane, La Avenida, Whisman, Landels and Yuba Drive Trailheads.
  • You may also enter the Palo Alto Baylands trail via Mountain View property, accessing this levee via San Antonio Road entrance to Shoreline At Mountain View.

For additional information about the "no domesticated animals" policy, please contact the Shoreline At Mountain View administrative offices at 650-903-6392.