North Bayshore Precise Plan

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NBPPThe 2030 General Plan identifies North Bayshore as a special place that protects and stewards natural habitat and species in the area, while envisioning highly sustainable and innovative commercial and residential development. 

The Precise Plan contains development standards, such as setbacks and height limits; FAR and density limits; allowed land uses; architectural design guidelines; and identifies new public improvements and funding for transportation improvements. In partnership with the Precise Plan, Council also adopted Administrative Guidelines for projects that align with the North Bayshore Density Bonus program. 

North Bayshore Vehicle Trip Cap Reporting

On June 23, 2015, the Council established a vehicle trip cap for the North Bayshore Precise Plan area as a metric to monitor single-occupancy vehicle trips into and out of the area (see Item 7.3). Annually, the City collects data on vehicle trips, summarized in the reports below: